The Rescue of Eddie & Elliott

A Bald Eaglet Adventure

Bald Eaglet Rescue
Bald Eaglet Rescue
Bald Eaglet Rescue
Bald Eaglet Rescue

I am so happy to announce the upcoming publication and availability of the long- anticipated book and stuffed animal set called “The Rescue of Eddie & Elliott – A Bald Eaglet Adventure”.

The set will be packaged in a little duffel bag, just like the one they were in as they were hoisted back up to their nest. Includes two fluffy plush birds, joined at the wings with Velcro, looking just like the picture I took of them that was circulated around the world. The interviews with me and my pictures were widely published in Scholastic Magazine in 2020, as well as The Dodo, The Bored Panda, and many other publications and social media platforms internationally.  Because of this, I am sure this will be a big hit when they become available.

My Vision:

I wrote this book envisioning you would sit down with a child, hand them the plush birds, and read this wonderful story, told from the perspective of Elliott, about how their day unfolded as he and Eddie were rescued, and by the end of the day, put back in their nest by a caring community of volunteers. It is packed full of photos alongside the text for to look at, as you read the story to them as they cuddle the plush birds. A positive and touching story, that recounts exactly how the rescue was performed. I am only selling these as a set, to make my vison a reality and an experience.

After the story is a section full of fun facts about Bald Eagles, which I had written by Shelly Ament, the Biologist with the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife that monitored the rescue, and I have included more of my Eagle pictures to go with it, plus a link to find local Wildlife rehabilitation centers near you.

This book will serve as a feel-good story, an educational resource, and make a great coffee table book that your guests will be sure to pick up and look at. The cover picture will guarantee that! And best of all it corrects the myth that you cannot touch a young bird without the parents rejecting it!

I am sending this to the contacts that provided emails to me, and requested to be notified when they are available. It takes 90 – 120 days per order for the factory to get the plush birds to me, so I need a count on presales ASAP so I can order enough to fill these requests.

I expect they will sell out very quickly, no matter how many I order, as they will be promoted in the US and abroad. Please reply to this email if you would like one or more sets and tell me if you will want them shipped to you, or local pickup.

The cost for the set with the birds and the book in the duffel bag will be (TBD) plus shipping costs if not picked up locally.



Do not order. Not available- In production phase. Thanks!

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